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"So Hum"


Brattleboro, VT

October 11-14, 2024

Meet Your Retreat Hosts

We are so excited to be able to connect our special talents and offer these unique retreat experiences.

Our coordinated efforts offer opportunities for

inner reflection and peaceful transformation through workshops, movement sessions, and time outdoors connecting to nature.

Susie Lee

Founder, Gracie Love Bodyworks

The spiritual path is not being above all the pain and suffering. ​


For me, it's healing so we can ultimately ease into kindness, flow, love of self others and all life.


It's the opening to Grace that allowed me to become a true lover of life, showing up everyday on this crazy, magical rollercoaster ride of life school as teacher & student. Embracing the journey through our Tears, Smiles, Joys and Sorrows.   


I’m here to serve, offering my gifts through the practices of bodywork, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, reiki and spiritual mentoring.   




Farrell Carley 

I am deeply committed to the principles of beautiful living. For me, beautiful living is not just about aesthetics, but also about cultivating a deep appreciation for the connection of all things and living in alignment with nature's rhythms.  


My life's work is to inspire others to embrace simplicity, mindfulness, and gratitude in their daily lives, fostering a sense of joy, harmony, and fulfillment.


I acquired my masters in holistic counseling many years ago and that has led me down a deeper spiritual path.  It has also allowed me to incorporate my love for essential oils, crystal healing, meditation, somatic therapies, energy healing, acupuncture and talk therapy as a licensed mental health counselor.


I’ve been blessed to travel to many places and studied with many teachers in pursuit of a higher knowledge of different healing modalities.


I’m a certified yoga instructor and reiki master. I’ve done extensive training in creative expressive arts and I’m a certified core energetic practitioner. I am here to serve - mind, body, heart & Soul.

Tina Koebel, Guest Host

This Earth Goddess has spent years of her life passionately & intentionally harmonizing with a life of healing, mind, body and soul. 

She continues to be on her life long journey with nature & spirit.  The spiritual name given to Tina is Healer of The Family Tree.  


She reflects on a dream of a water to woods, mossy place to land, and left the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and now lives in beautiful Bristol.


She has been called to be in relationship with Earth and spirit in the highest essence of hope to help others see the gift and strengths of vulnerability and symbolism that have helped guide her on her way to being in communion with the essence of truth.  


She is building a sisterhood in this new community. She has studied and practiced holistic health & wellness and is here to serve in an uplifting, loving & compassionate way for herself and all others on her path.  


Tina believes we are all becoming the truest, biggest versions of ourselves, living to experience fully who we are meant to be.  

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