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Meet Your Retreat Hosts

We are so excited to be able to connect our special talents and offer these unique retreat experiences.

Our coordinated efforts offer opportunities for

inner reflection and peaceful transformation through workshops, movement sessions, and time outdoors connecting to nature.

Susie Lee

Founder, Gracie Love Bodyworks

The spiritual path is not being above all the pain and suffering. ​


For me, it's Healing so we can ultimately ease into kindness, flow, love of self others and all life. It's the opening to Grace that allowed me to become a true lover of life, showing up everyday on this crazy, magical rollercoaster ride of life school as teacher & student. Embracing the journey through our Tears, Smiles, Joys and Sorrows.   


I’m here to serve, offering my gifts through the practices of bodywork, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, reiki and spiritual mentoring.   



Susie Lee, Gracie-Love
PamelaDunn, becoming TULA_edited.jpg

Pamela Dunn

Founder, Becoming TULA
& Integrative Health Coach

Wellness began as a hobby over two decades ago when I attended my first yoga class.  I immediately became fascinated with the culture and started on my path to unconditional self-love.  This was and continues to be a playful journey of fear & love, sadness & joy, transformation, balance, and peace, while finding freedom, fulfillment, purpose, and passion.

My ability to see the light and love within someone, sometimes even before they see it in themselves, is what made this career such an inspired decision.

I am absolutely passionate about helping people see how magical and beautiful they really are, just by holding space for their inner authentic self to shine.

D. Robin

of Wood & Clover
Founder, Heart Centered Photography
& Artistic Coordinator

I have always been a feeler & have always been emotionally charged by the work I create and the beauty I get to experience in my life.


I love connecting. 

I find it invigorating to be able to freeze time for just a moment and offer the ability to feel it again - to ignite the senses, the energy, the laughter and bring with it the deep beauty of nostalgia. And so, for me, that intrinsic road blossomed into photography.


Capturing this journey as I see it. As I feel it.

Grounding in our moments of Becoming.

D Robin.png
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