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Buddha Statue

"So Hum"


Reserve Your Space:

Brattleboro, VT
October 11-14, 2024

Hello, Beautiful Souls ~

Close your eyes and dream with us for a moment…


A weekend set aside to focus entirely on YOU.


A few days to reset your mind, body & soul -- elevating your self-worth and connecting within. A moment in time to relax and reflect.


Our "So Hum" retreat for women will be the journey your soul has been longing for. Immerse yourself in self-love and mindfulness, and return home with your inner guidance awakened with the capacity to love yourself wholeheartedly.

Your journey begins...
Yoga at Home

Here, Now

A weekend to fall in love with your life. 


Enjoying Autumn in New England --

the crisp cool fresh air with the fragrance of pine

surrounding you everywhere,

all in the breathtaking hills of Vermont.


Our wish for you is to expand your Heart, 

enrich your soul and leave connected & rejuvenated.

The daily yoga, meditation, and workshops

evoke feelings of abundance and clarity

which you bring home with you.

Be our guest...

The Experience

  • 3 nights and 4 days accommodations

  • Chai tea offering

  • Ayurvedic cooking class

  • Mindful hiking

  • Hot tub and sauna

  • Cold plunge

  • Liminal Forest Walk

  • Opening to Grace workshop

    • cultivating a practice of allowing yourself grace

  • Fire ceremony with skin drum

  • Gong bath

  • Evening Yoga nidra , with Thai touch & Reiki healing

  • Delicious Indian inspired meals

  • Creative expressive arts vision board project

  • A Circle of healing love workshop with Auricular Acupuncture (This is an immensely spiritual tool to help one connect with their inner essence and help balance the body’s energy system.)

~ All included when you book your room ~


Each time women gather in circles with one another, the world heals a little more.
- wildwomenspeaks

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