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The Thai yoga massage experience starts when you walk in the door. Suzie exudes positivity and calmness. The studio is absolutely beautiful. My massage started off with sipping a cup of delicious cinnamon tea ( I have already ordered some online) while my feet where being soaked and then rubbed. This was an incredible surprise.

     The massage was pure heaven.  It ended with my feet wrapped in warm towels and hot rocks in my hands. My body felt completely relaxed and wonderful after the massage.  There is no rush at Gracie Love. It is truly a special place.


I am so grateful to Susie Lee! Susie is incredibly talented - and I have never had a massage experience like the one I had with her. I felt present, yet relaxed, and had immediate relief in areas/muscles where I had been carrying tension. Susie's studio is so lovely and inviting, I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for bodywork.


This is an experience that everyone can benefit from; whether you are a high school athlete with stiff, sore muscles that take a daily beating, or an adult suffering from blocks built up over years of depression or addiction.

     This full mind, body, and spiritual experience that I had can't be replicated. Susie's sensitivity to the connection between mind, body, and heart is something I had long forgotten- reminding me I don't have to live in the fear that my mind creates.

     This experience is like therapy, yoga, and meditation all in one! I walked out with a revitalized positive energy and I have been telling friends about Gracie Love ever since.



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